10 & 11 June 2015, Micropolis Exhibition Centre, Besançon
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Innovation Forum

Day 1 - Wednesday 4th April 2012

9.30 - 12.30 Module  A -  The challenges of tele-monitoring chronic diseases


Alain Ripart, Senior Vice President, Sorin Group CRM
9.30 A - Introduction
Alain Ripart, Senior Vice President, Sorin Group CRM
9.40 A1 - Tele-health and tele-monitoring: towards a new regional development model?
Gérald Comtet, Cluster Manager, I-CARE
9.50 A2 - Tele-monitoring of implantable defibrillators
Pr. Jacques Clementy, Cardiologue,  CHU Bordeaux
10.10 A3 - Diabeo : une solution multi-technologique innovante au service du patient diabétique et des soignants
Pierre Leurent
, President, Voluntis

10.30 - 11.00 Coffee break
11.00 A4 - Sensors and tele-monitoring: present and future
Dr. Coralie Gallis, Business Development - Wearable Devices, CEA-LETI Grenoble
11.20 A5 - MEMS pressure sensor for implantable medical applications
Jeannie Chinal, Marketing & Sales, MEMS Platforms, Tronic’s Microsystems
11.40 A6 - Checking and monitoring your health thanks to Freescale, the new standard-setting tele-health platform
Pierre Sylvestre, Systems Solutions Engineering Manager Consumer & Industrial Markets, Freescale
12.00 A7 - Remote patient monitoring: how to navigate through the different wireless protocols
Iboun T. Sylla, Telehealth Business Development Manager, Texas Instruments Inc.
12.15 A8 - Interoperability of tele-monitoring systems: the European e-health program
Dr. Renzo Dal Molin, Advanced Research Director, Sorin Group CRM
Olivier Graille, Ingénieur, Orange
12.30 Lunch and visit to the exhibition
14.00 – 16.30 Module B - Diagnostic: new development and technology trends

Dr. Patrick Tabeling, Directeur, Laboratoire MMN (microfluidique, MEMS et nanostructures)
14.00 B1 - Automation of the bacteriology laboratory/new technical needs
Alain Troesch, Executive Research Director, BIOMERIEUX
14.15 B2 - Windows Embedded for diagnostics: more intelligent automated systems thanks to a tailor-made software platform
Myriam Semery, Windows Embedded South Europe Marketing Lead, Microsoft
14.30 B3 - DIV instrument design for rational integration into automated laboratory organisation
Alain Pacoret, General Manager, ILSA (Instrumentation de Laboratoire et Système Automatisé)
14.50 Coffee break
15.10 B4 - Magnetic immuno-assay for total blood quantification
Luc Lenglet, Senior Vice President, R&D, Magnisense
15.30 B5 - Drop-based microfluidics and biomedical applications
Dr. Patrick Tabeling, Directeur, Laboratoire MMN (microfluidique, MEMS et nanostructures)
15.50 B6 - High throughput and high content RNAi screening for biomarkers discovery
Dr. Xavier Gidrol, Director of BIOMICS laboratory, Deputy Director of Unit 1038, CEA
16.10 B7 - SUPRA-MS, platform for the detection and identification of proteins in human plasma
Dr. Wilfrid BOIREAU, CNRS Researcher, Institut FEMTO-ST
16.30 Innovation Forum closes


Day 2 - Thursday 5th April 2012

9.15 - 12.30 Module C - Innovation in biomaterials and transformation

Yves-Alain Ratron, Director, Recherche Globale, Groupe Tornier
Dr. Pascal Bezou, R&D Scientific Project Manager / IV Set Project Manager, B.Braun Medical SAS
9.15 C1 - Advances in plastic materials in medical devices: expectations of the manufacturers
Dr. Pascal Bezou, R&D Scientific Project Manager / IV Set Project Manager, B.Braun Medical SAS
9.30 C2 - Biomaterials in orthopedics: state of the art and needs
Yves-Alain Ratron, Director, Recherche Globale, Groupe Tornier
9.45 C3 - The polymers of tomorrow: challenges and prospects
Patrick Vuillermoz, General Manager, PLASTIPOLIS
10.10 C4 - Medical devices: patents now represent major financial opportunities
Caroline de Mareuil-Villette, Patent Attorney, Partner, ICOSA
10.30 Coffee break
10.50 C5 - Biomaterials: the advantages of a nanocrystallisation surface treatment
Delphine Retraint, ICD/Equipe LASMIS, Université de Technologie de Troyes
11.10 C6 - Biocompatible adhesive bonding
Christophe MOUREAUX, Président, Cisteo Medical
11.30 C7 - UV light: an important alternative to the thermal vulcanisation of silicone-drug mixtures
Mark J. Paulsen, Business Development Director, SSF - Specialty Silicone Fabricators
Dr. Harry Zumaqué,
European Technology Elastomers Leader,Momentive Performance Materials
11.50 C8 - Functionalisation of orthopedic implants to obtain improved anti-infection properties
Prof. H. Frédéric Hildebrand, Directeur de Recherche INSERM, Groupe Recherche Biomatériaux, U 1008 INSERM "Médicaments et Biomatériaux à Libération Contrôlée", Université Lille 2
12.10 C9 - Cold plasma: a new sterilisation technology for medical devices
Dr. Marie-Paule Gelle, Associate Professor, Hospital Practitioner, Université Reims Champagne Ardenne (URCA), Labotory INSERM UMR – EA4691 "Biomatériaux et Inflammation en Site Osseux" (BIOS)
12.30 Question & answer session followed by lunch
13.40 – 16.30 Module D - New ways to process materials & additive manufacturing
Georges Taillandier, President, AFPR (French Association of Rapid Prototyping)
Lambert Maïer, Validation Manager, Greatbatch Medical
13.40 D1 - Prospects and advances in additive production
Georges Taillandier, President, AFPR
14.00 D2 - What is the best type of surface for prosthetic materials to optimise their biocompatibility?
Jérôme Goux, Scientific and Technical Director, FILAB
14.20 D3 - Rapid prototyping applied to medical solutions *
Eric Bredin, Marketing Director Europe, Objet GmbH
14.40 D4 - Cold dynamic spraying: expected applications for the medical sector
Guillaume EZO’O,  Industrial R&D Manager, CM2T
15.00 D5 - Role of powder composition in the development of medical parts by additive production
Lucas Dembinski, Research Engineer, Laboratoire LERMPS-UTBM
15.20 D6 - Direct manufacture of medical implants: example of applications in maxillofacial surgery
Stéphane Abed, President, Poly-Shape
15.40 D7 - Manufacture of complex functional parts by electron-beam fusion technology
Philippe Vannerot, President, 3A S.A.S
16.00 Innovation Forum closes

*All sessions will be presented in French except those marked  with * which will be presented in English. There is no simultaneous translation provided.

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